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Our vehicle is a full-size, rear-entry, Ford E250 extended van, with raised roof and doors for maximum accessibility and comfort. Seating accomodations are for one wheelchair/scooter and seven able-bodied guests.

The guest using the wheelchair/scooter can remain in their wheelchair/scooter for the entire trip. The driver will control the power lift and ensure that the passenger, while remaining in their wheelchair/scooter will be able to enter and exit the vehicle in safety and comfort. Once inside the vehicle the driver will secure the wheelchair/scooter with a four point restraining system and the guest with a lap and shoulder belt.

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Vehicle Amenities:

  • 17-inch TV/DVD
  • Satellite Receiver (DIRECTV - 185 Channels)
  • XM Satellite radio
  • CD player
  • Gaming connection
  • Limo-tint windows
  • iPod/MP3 connection
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