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Twinís Mobility Limousine Service is owned by identical twin brothers, Curt and Doug.

This service evolved out of our personal experience with our family. Our mother, Janet, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1991. Since 2002, her MS has progressed to the point where she is using her wheelchair permanently.

The purchase of our mobility minivan a few years ago has improved the quality of life for our mother, as well as for us. Going to the mall, out to dinner, or to family functions are now more enjoyable for all without the lifting involved, while transferring mom from the wheelchair to the car. At times we had wanted a luxury service for all of us and noticed that we didn't have many options.

From Curt's years of experience with ambulatory transportation, Doug's experience with managing a mid-size limousine company, and our constant and common goal to provide the best possible care for our mother, Twinís Mobility Limousine Service was born.

We hope this service will provide you and your family and friends with many memorable moments.

Remember, itís not about surviving, itís about thriving.
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